It’s a crazy question, and often our current circumstances determine how we answer. Wife – mom – boss – friend – co-worker – executive chef – and chauffeur extraordinaire!

We all wear a lot of hats, and our identity is often based on the need of the hour. Most of the time, we don’t think too much about our frequent wardrobe change, and furthermore we do it gladly. Life might be busy, but not usually boring!

At other times, we become known for our political views, our country of origin, our educational accomplishments, or the hobbies we love.

However, sometimes our identity begins to be derived from stages of life, or events that are not so noble and fulfilling. Things like: abuse, sickness, growing old, feeling too young, our poverty, grief, or a past we are not proud of can shape who we think we are.

No matter what hat you are wearing, what season you are in, what you have accomplished or what may have been done to you – there’s another identity that supersedes all of these.

You are a Daughter of the King! Not long ago, a friend reminded me of this truth and I want to pass it on to you. “You are not just any __________ (mom, employee, patient, etc….You fill in the blank). You are a daughter of the King!”

“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

This truth should encourage us. It should call us to rise above our current circumstances. It should change our perspective. This should free us. You are a wife…that is a daughter of the King. You are a friend…that is a daughter of the King. You are a patient struggling with an illness…that is a daughter of the King. You are a widow…..that is a daughter of the King.

Don’t ever forget it. Let these words bring fresh perspective. This changes everything! Let this be what you are most known for. YOU ARE A DAUGHTER OF THE KING!