Young Adults

The young adult years are best lived in community. If you are a college student (18-23) or a young professional (24-30), we have a place for you.

Young Adult Nights | Mondays at 7:00 p.m.

The young adult years are a unique season full of potential to know God deeply, form meaningful relationships, and discover purpose.

Through Bible studies, relevant messages, and small group connections, the Young Adult ministry creates a space for college students (18-23) and young professionals (24-30) to build community with others in this stage of life.

Young Adults meet weekly on Mondays at 7:00 p.m., at the West End.

Diego Christensen

Being a part of YA has truly shown me the impact of community. Seeing people my age have the same passion and love for our Lord and Savior has inspired me to keep growing closer to him. I used to be so shy and timid to express my love for him publicly, and it was something I truly struggled with because I wanted to comfortably show it. I had the desire but not the courage. Judgment from other people was something that always stayed in the back of my head, but seeing people from my age group praising and worshipping him made that feeling go away. The inspiration I gain week to week from being a part of YA is something I can always thank God for, a true blessing.

Clarissa Cantu

The best way to describe being involved in PVC Young Adults as a leader and just in general for me is “AN ABSOLUTE BLESSING.” Being raised in a religious home, I was always deeply rooted in my faith. I started attending Palm Valley when I was a teenager, but I didn’t hang around with other Christians my age, outside of family. Going into my adult years, I had a season of grief and was unconsciously in a depression. It was keeping a hold on me, and I was quietly stumbling away from God until I went to Young Adults. My relationships with individuals are growing, I have gained lifetime friends through it, and I have an uplifting community in addition to those I can call family. Ones I can learn scripture with, support each other through difficulties, and much more through Christ at the center. My growth through my journey has allowed me to share knowledge and help strengthen those in their faith. I’m not sure where I would be without Jesus. I thank the Young Adult ministry for letting me see the goodness and light of God.

Daniel Masamba

I came to the US from a different continent, and while I was searching for a community of believers within my age range, God led me to PVC YA, which has become my family. I have built meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime. Through YA, I have grown and become a more mature Christian and I have learned many valuable life lessons. I am eager to witness what God has in store for PVC, particularly for YA, and I am praying for a revival to come through this amazing community.