It’s been a tough season. We survived a world-wide pandemic! Our lives were restricted in ways we couldn’t have considered possible a short time ago. We experienced division, loss, uncertainty, loneliness, stress, fear, and more. We’re all ready for it to be over! But can we pause for a moment and look at what we might take with us?

As women, when we walk through difficult seasons, we carry emotions, responsibilities, and relationships. Some days we’re able to walk in confidence and strength. Other days, we struggle. Some days we’re filled with joy, and others seem filled with despair. As we face each day, we have to choose to walk forward in life. Sometimes, it’s just not as easy as it sounds. Here are some truths that helped me.

Where we look matters.
Things happen that we don’t like, and can’t understand. As we experience any difficulty, we have to make choices. We can choose to focus on the causes, pain, and loss. Or, we can choose to focus on life, love, next steps, and healing. As we go through darkness, we can’t ignore the causes, pain, and loss. But, we can view them in the light of God’s truth.

God’s truth tells us:
We’re not alone – Deuteronomy 31:8
We can cry out to God – Psalm 61:1
God hears our prayers – Psalm 34:6, Psalm 116:1
This season is temporary – Revelation 21:4

Who we follow matters.
When we choose how to respond to difficulties, we are also choosing who we are going to follow. The world tells us it’s ok to broadcast our hurts and feelings. That we should let our feelings guide our actions. To declare the person on the “other side” as bad. Following the world, means we choose to follow the ruler of the world, the enemy of our souls. He intends to steal and destroy what God has planned for us.

When we choose to follow God, He gives wisdom, strength, courage, grace, kindness, peace, and even joy. We can have these things even if we don’t understand our circumstances and they don’t change. Choosing to follow God doesn’t guarantee our prayers will be answered the way, or when, we want. But, choosing God allows us to walk through difficult seasons in life.

God’s truth tells us:
The thief comes to kill, steal & destroy. – John 10:10
Jesus has overcome the world. – John 16:33
God gives life. – John 5:21
God protects us. – 2 Thessalonians 3:3
God provides for us. – Matthew 6:25-33

Who we believe we are matters.
The enemy of our souls tries to tell us who we are. What he tells us are lies. We have to declare God’s truth regardless of what we see or how we feel. Difficult seasons don’t change who God says we are. We are God’s creation. We are His daughters, His heirs, His friends, His ambassadors.

While the enemy of our souls wants to make us believe we are useless in difficult seasons, God still uses us. We are given opportunities to see others with new insight. We sympathize with other’s struggles in new ways. We can care for and encourage others with more compassion and kindness. We can share God’s love and truth with more understanding and gentleness.

God’s truth tells us:
The enemy of our souls is the father of lies. John 8:44
God created us – Psalm 139: 13-14, Psalm 119:73
We are children of God – John 1:12
We are His heirs – Romans 8:17
God calls us friend – John 15:14-15
We are His ambassadors – 2 Corinthians 5:20
God chose us to bear fruit – John 15:16

We are coming through a really difficult season. Hopefully, we won’t face another one like this one. But, difficult seasons aren’t over. So, as we go, may we remember to look to God, follow Him, and believe Him.