One of the most important things I have learned in my life is who I am in Christ. I also know that this is a lesson that I will need to continually study and think about.

God cares so much about this, because He states clearly in His Word what He thinks of you, and of me. We are not created to believe what the world says about us. Our mistakes do not define us. What we look like does not define us either.  What defines us is the identities and purposes that we have been given in Jesus. When we are born again, our faith defines us.

Things change when we let ourselves swim in the flow of the Holy Spirit and the mindset of Christ.

When we remember who we are in Christ:

  • Insecurities fade away
  • We find joy in every circumstance
  • We see things more clearly
  • We are more able to use our God-given gifts
  • We can repel doubts and fears
  • Trust grows
  • We fulfill our purpose

When we forget who we are in Christ:

  • Negativity rises
  • Relationships fade
  • We don’t like ourselves
  • We don’t trust God or others
  • We make choices that are destructive
  • We waste time and purpose

Isaiah 43 stands out as a chapter with much truth about our identities. Reading through this chapter, I realized how many verses speak to this very thing!

Verse 1 says that we are created, formed, and redeemed by God, and that we are called by name and that we are His.

Verses 2 and 5 say that we are not alone.

Verse 4 says that we are precious in His eyes, honored and loved.

Verse 6 says that we are sons and daughters of God.

Verse 7 says that we are called by God’s name, and we are created for His glory.

Verse 20 says that we are chosen.

I want to encourage you to read Isaiah 43 and let God speak to you. Think about these verses and how they apply to your life. Do your own study, and search for scriptures about who you are in Christ.

And then keep these scriptures in your pocket, beautiful lady, and know that you are loved and valued in Christ.