“The One who watches over you will not slumber” Psalm 121:3

Psalm 121 has been a chapter resonating in my heart and it’s been my prayer these days. A calm reminder that “The Lord stands beside you as your protective shade…” Regardless of what is going on all around us, He will keep us from harm and watch over us. What a beautiful promise!

Psalm 121:6-8

“The sun will not harm you by day,

    nor the moon at night.

The Lord keeps you from all harm

    and watches over your life. 

The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go,

    both now and forever.”

This season in my life caught me a little off guard. My daily routine all changed, the things I knew for sure were not there anymore, and it challenged me and my faith. But I love that I have a faithful Savior that sees and knows and He holds my tomorrow. In this season where we have been forced to stop the noise, and the business of everyday life…He’s calling us deeper…can you hear Him? It’s a wonderful season to draw near to Jesus and seek Him. We have no need to worry about the time, or the next thing we need to do, but we can sit at His feet and just be in His presence, hearing from Him.

I don’t want to miss out on what He is doing now, because it is preparing me for what is to come! I really believe there will be an outpouring of His Spirit and many will be saved, healed, delivered, restored!

A song I have had on repeat in this season is, “This Is A Move.”  It has Ignited my faith!

The lyric says:

“The mountains are still being moved, and strongholds are still being loosed, and God we believe, yes we can see that wonders are STILL what you do! Bodies are still being raised, giants are still being slayed, God we believe, and yes we can see it….”

This prophetic song has opened my eyes to this: We have a BIG God that is the same yesterday, today and forever and there is nothing too hard for him; He remains the same! God is getting ready to do something powerful and He wants us to be a part. I love the challenge our Lead Pastor, Rick Gannon has given us, a call to prayer-“UNITED714.” 2 Chronicles 7:14. Prayer does work when we join together! I believe God will look toward us and begin to shift things in the atmosphere and begin moving in a mighty way!

So in “the waiting” of this season let’s lean in and seek Him like never before. Don’t get distracted by the things we cannot control, instead look to the one from whom our help comes from and know that He is God. He is in control and we can trust Him!

I have shared the link to the song… take time to listen, it is so encouraging and timely. Love you beautiful ladies, and I cannot wait until we are all together again worshipping Jesus!

“This is A Move” song link –  https://youtu.be/bnlLH5z5UlM