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In March of last year, I was with a team of friends and colleagues in Israel and made it out on one of the last flights from Tel Aviv before they shut the airport and country down. I was planning to meet Teri and the rest of my family in New York on the way home… all canceled. Arriving back into the Valley on Friday night, I came straight to the church, met with our leadership and decided to suspend all in-person services, and promptly recorded a video that went out to the whole church. I still shake my head in disbelief.

2020 will be talked about for many generations to come! The global pandemic of COVID-19 shut down schools, travel, businesses, churches, and all non-essential activities. We would never have thought it possible had we not gone through it. The interruptions to daily life were but a small part of the pain COVID brought into our world. So many families have suffered so much and death has come to so many households. Heartbreaking.

Throughout this past year, I’ve never been prouder of the women and men of our staff and board of directors who have worked to continue to provide weekly ministry during these unprecedented times. We were forced to do things we’ve never done or ever thought we would need to do. From week to week we had to be flexible to continue ministering to so many hurting people in impossible situations. Through it all in 2020, PVC stood strong and remains as a bright lighthouse for the lost and hospital for the hurting.

The financial unknowns and insecurity hit every part of our economy.  I’m humbled to report that through it all, Palm Valley Church is financially healthy and strong. After cutting our expenses significantly and committing to keeping our staff fully paid, PVC members stepped up during this most trying time! So much so, our income only dropped about 5% from 2019. This allowed us to keep our operational needs paid and positioned us to continue to be generous during this challenging season. Through your continued faithfulness PVC was able to provide over 400,000 meals through our local food banks. Additionally, we were able to continue our support to all of our foreign and domestic partnerships without interruption. Moreover, we were in a position to help many leaders, churches, and organizations that were experiencing major financial setbacks.

While I’m ready to move on and get past this dark season, I’m mindful of the Valley’s many losses.  My heart breaks for families – especially those who have unexpectedly lost loved ones during this past year. Additionally, I have been called to pray at several local hospitals during our darkest hours and looked into the eyes of frontline workers who have given their all – some even with their own lives.

As we look forward, the Valley and our nation have never been more in need of the Lord’s help and His presence. I’m humbled and grateful to serve in the Rio Grande Valley alongside you. May God bless you and yours and may you desire more of Him in your homes and lives in 2021!


Rick Gannon

Lead Pastor


What a challenging year, yet an amazing season of growth in so many ways! PVC adapted to the need for online church presence across the board, from kids services and live online events, to online Bible studies and small groups.



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