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Year-End Review


Dear PVC Friends

2020 is over and most of us are glad to turn the page!  Yet, I want to pause and say a huge THANK YOU for standing with the church in what history will call: a historic year of challenge for our great country.

 I never dreamed we would ever have to shut our services down for anything…yet, we went for months without having in-person services.  We broadcasted from many locations – even Good Friday service from my living room!

 In addition to keeping services going, PVC was able to give more than ever to the needs of our community.  As you well know, the needs have been tremendous during this season. Together, through faithful giving, we were able to help lift the burdens of so many people in our own community and around the world!

I’m so proud of our staff, their flexibility and creativity to keep church going through these changing times.  This would not have been possible without your faithful support!

Blessings to you and your family,


Rick Gannon

Rick Gannon

Lead Pastor




What a challenging year, yet an amazing season of growth in so many ways! PVC adapted to the need for online church presence across the board, from Kids services and Live online events, to online Bible studies and small groups. 

We kicked off 2020 with an emphasis on healthy marriages, hosting the Re|engage Marriage Conference with over 1200 people coming to learn what it means to cultivate a godly marriage. Thirty-six couples took it a step further and committed to our Marriage Groups, for a 16-week intensive program that brings discipleship and revitalizes the marriage relationship.

The Women of PVC hosted the Bible study, “Get Out of Your Head” with over 300 women attending in person and also 300 attending in online groups where community and relationships were developed. PVC Women also hosted two Live-streamed Sisterhood Nights through Facebook Live and our online platform. Connection continued to take place even though we were limited by time spent in person together this year.


I see a Church where all people can turn to God and be transformed into fully devoted followers of Christ.

The Men of PVC had successful experiences of connection through small groups that took place in person and online throughout the year. A Study of Philippians in the fall anchored in over 80 men to commit to this teaching and interaction time for 9 weeks! Men’s Breakfast on the first Saturday of the month continues to be a place of fellowship and encouragement each month as men gather to grow in their leadership and purpose for life.

I see a Church so compassionate that people are drawn from impossible situations into a loving and friendly circle of hope, where answers are found and acceptance is given.

So many families experienced great loss in 2020. The GriefShare program proved to be an encouragement to over 80 people who were able to walk through the stages of grief from a heavenly perspective. Many also benefited from the ‘Surviving the Holidays’ grief intensive class that brings encouragement and stability to those who are grieving a family member or loved one.


Total Contributions


We believe that being apart of the local church is one of the greatest blessings in life. To join a community of people following after Jesus Christ takes commitment and purpose. We had over 380 people walk through the Growth Track classes at the PVC campuses, where they learned what it means to serve in the local church and discover the calling and purposes of God for their lives.