Women’s Leaders

Hello PVC Women’s Leader,

We would be so honored if you will consider leading a Women’s Bible Study group this October.  We want to make sure that every group has someone to love and encourage them, and we believe you can do that!

When the women in a community gather, change happens! Let’s
remind our sweet ladies that they are loved, valued, and seen!

I love these quotes from our PVC ladies after last year’s study:

“This bible study made me feel loved by God, and by the ladies in my group.”

“This Bible Study refined me in the best way as a leader and a woman.”

“It was my hope that we would have space to get to know a new side of each other, and that was achieved. It encouraged me as a leader who often feels underqualified and undeserving. It means everything that these women would step into this with me.”

On Monday evenings, October 2 – November 13, we are going to study Echoes of the Faithful- by Palm Valley Church Staff. This study will teach us to listen to the voice of God over all others. We will dive into the stories of the men and women of Hebrews 11, and let the echos of their lives point us to our faithful God.

Let’s gather and chase God with all our hearts!


Please fill out the form below. We’d love to hear from you by September 1.

Bible Study Leader

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