Women’s Leaders

Hello PVC Women’s Leader,

We would be so honored if you will consider leading a Women’s Bible Study group this year. We want to make sure that every group has someone to love and encourage them, and we believe you can do that! Please let us know if you can by responding below. 

When the women in a community gather, change happens! What a privilege it is that we can meet with the women of PVC for Bible Study this October. Every conversation will be important. Every group that meets will have great value.

I love this quote from one of our PVC ladies after last year’s study. “Women’s Bible study has acted as a support system and has allowed me to grow closer to the women in my life… I admire each of their individual personalities and the passion that they have. This has allowed me to want to chase God with all my heart. Participating in this study has made me realize that I have a calling and even though it is personally designed for me, I do not have to go through it alone.”

On Monday evenings, October 3 – November 14, we are going to study How Much More, by Lisa Harper. This study explains how the unconditional love of our God is woven throughout the whole Bible. We will explore God’s redemptive heart. Tackle misunderstood Scripture that reflects God’s goodness. And, we will learn more about God’s compassion which leads to a deeper relationship with Him.

Let’s gather and chase God with all our hearts!


Please fill out the form below. We’d love to hear from you by September 1.

Bible Study Leader

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