Creating a community of women who know they are loved and valued, growing in their relationship with Jesus and His purpose for their lives. 


Who are you doing life with right now? Grab a few friends, pick up a groups box from the kiosk in the PVC lobby, and choose a resource from the provided options. See what God can do as you meet together to discuss God’s Word.

September 9, 2021

Sisterhood: A bond between women who honor and love each other like sisters.

Join the women of PVC for a night of worship and uplifting teaching.

7-week Bible Study on Elijah.

Beginning October 4

Join the Sisterhood of PVC for a 7-Week Bible Study on the life of Elijah by Priscilla Shirer. Discover how Elijah’s obedience to God kept him anchored, sharpened his faith, and gave him a bold influence. We invite you to join in community with other women and allow God to build a strong, enduring faith deep in your soul.


In the Waiting by: Robin Dodge

In the Waiting by: Robin Dodge

In The Waiting… Sometimes the answer to a prayer is wait.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly like that answer.  Because really, who actually likes to wait?  And sometimes, the waiting is for an extended period of time. I’ll tell on myself here.  Quite a...

Love Your Neighbor by: Buffi Crump

Love Your Neighbor by: Buffi Crump

Love your neighbor as you LOVE YOURSELF! Have you ever had a time where God spoke something so clearly, it almost seemed audible? But then you didn’t quite get it the first time and so that same message kept appearing over and over? Yeah, me too....It has taken me the...

Spiritually Hangry by: Leslie Keener

Spiritually Hangry by: Leslie Keener

• Have you ever been so hungry that you could feel it in every part of your body and even your mind? • Have you ever snapped at a family member or the waitress at a restaurant? We’ve all been guilty of responding from a place of physical “hanger.” And once we’ve had...

This 10-day devotional will take us through the first 10 chapters of the book John. Join us as we dive deeper into understanding why Jesus came to earth and who is He was in the flesh. This devotional is written by Radonna Dodge, Associate Pastor at Palm Valley Church.