Year-End Report









We had over 3,000 people attend events and conferences at Palm Valley Church in 2017! Hearts were transformed, many people found new beginnings and relationships were formed through these life-changing experiences.



Every week, at both the Mission and Edinburg campuses, volunteers come together to serve the greater purpose of making every person feel welcomed. We have 4 buildings across the two campuses that accommodate services for all ages. As PVC volunteers serve others, they are experiencing the great joy of connecting people to the local church to find hope.

2017 was a year of great anticipation for PVC Kids!

The newest extension of PVC Kids at our Edinburg campus took on great life and meaning. Teams were formed and strengthened, as leaders have “taken up the towel” to engage children in the hope of Christ. 

With the renovation of the North Auditorium at the Mission Campus, kids were given a space to engage Christ in a different way. God has moved in children as they have made heartfelt decisions to follow Christ. As one child so eloquently described, “it just get’s me right down in my heart!"

We've also seen a great hunger in our children for the Word of God! A sweet girl in kindergarten recently approached her leader and very excitedly asked for a Bible so she could start reading it on her own. 

God is also expanding our children’s compassion for giving. One little boy brought the $200 he had been saving for a new gaming system, to give to the missions offering!

One volunteer shared how she and a few others had been praying for a sweet toddler every time he came to service, for a tumor he had in his eye. The mother of the boy informed our volunteer that the tumor is now gone and that he is healed!

Scripture promises us that there is “more than we could ever ask or imagine.” That is what we are believing and declaring over our PVC children!

-Adrienne Blauvelt
Lead Children's Pastor



2017 was catalytic in ways beyond what we expected. There were 1,767 students that attended camps, retreats, and events this past year!

Countless parents have shared stories about how their students came back from summer camp completely changed! We are seeing momentum in students' daily lives as they are reading their bibles, and showing a renewed passion for the things of God. 

The small groups formed at summer camp have continued to meet together for discipleship and accountability. Multiple students have started Bible studies in their homes and on school campuses.

In 2017, over 40 students began volunteering weekly at church! There is a rising desire in this generation to serve and love people.

Each week, the West End on our Mission campus is a place where students can come to interact and build relationships, but most importantly hear a relevant Bible message to guide the direction of their lives.

 -Micah Crump
Lead Youth Pastor

In 2017, Palm Valley Church took 8 trips, with 127 people, to 6 different countries! 

“Costa Rica allowed me to see the devotion and determination of the local church trying to serve and make a change in the lives of others. Stepping out of my comfort zone and serving others in another country allowed me to take off my blinders, come out of my daily routine, and step into someone else’s reality. You may think you have nothing to offer others or you aren't worthy of ministering to others, but I'm certain that God will use you to make a difference.”

-Miguel Rodriguez
Palm Valley Church Member



The foundation of PVC Edinburg was strengthened this past year as we developed a solid group of over 80 volunteers who serve each week, to help make this campus thrive.

There are many stories of transformed lives, saved marriages and a growing number of people wanting to get baptized in the Edinburg community. Home groups, a monthly Wednesday night service, and weekly Middle School services are just a few additions to the campus this past year. 

We appreciate your continued prayers as we continue to be a good steward of that which God chooses to give us. We believe that the best is truly yet to come at PVC Edinburg!

-Brandon Vail
Edinburg Campus Pastor