Day Six & Seven :: A Tale of Two Kings

Matthew’s Gospel paints a picture of two kings. One is the richest man in the land. He builds astounding palaces. Conquers armies. And, a force to be reckoned.

The other is born into poverty, is laid in an animal manger, and is a helpless child.

King Herod and King Jesus.

This is the opening scenes of the Gospel…

The past two days, we have been exploring these two kings. What they built and what they accomplished. It has been a powerful experiential study and provided intense moments of reflection.

dsc03707-copy(King Herod’s Herodium :: A man-made mountain, turned into a palace in the desert)

church-of-the-nativity(The star marks the traditional place of Jesus’ birth, which took place in a shepherd’s cave.)

mtolives2(We began our day on top of the Mount of Olives, looking over Jerusalem.
It was from here that Jesus weep over the people of this city
just hours before He was betrayed and killed.)

Jerusalem in Israel tourism destinations(We then made our way to hillside of the Mt. of Olives, were we spent some time in prayer.
What a powerful experience!)

Old City from the Mount of the Olives(From the Mount of Olives we walked the Way of the Cross,
where we finished at the place of crucifixion, death and resurrection.)

We have one more day at “the House” (aka Jerusalem). We will then begin our voyage back to Mission…

“The Journey is the Destination.”

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