Day Eight :: The Way of Christ

2014-10-27 08.03.38(Overlooking Jerusalem from the top of the Mount of Olives.)

2014-10-27 09.58.28(Some time alone with Christ on the Mount of Olives. 

Where Jesus prayed the night before He was crucified.)2014-10-27 09.58.55

After a time of prayer and reflection, we began following the path Jesus took on the night of His betrayal. From the Garden to the Cross.

2014-10-28 08.16.01

2014-10-27 12.00.02(Walking the Via Dolorosa – The Way of Suffering)2014-10-27 12.01.18 2014-10-27 12.02.02

2014-10-28 08.15.44 2014-10-28 08.02.04(Dome of the Rock)2014-10-28 08.48.54(Underneath the city, walking along the Western Wall – 1st Century)2014-10-28 08.54.15

 2014-10-28 18.24.15
(Trekking through the Old City.)

2014-10-28 18.24.07

2014-10-28 18.24.30
(Meet Yehuda, an expert in the history and geography of Israel. He journeyed with us each day.)

2014-10-28 18.23.57
(Maricruz by the Western Wall.)

2014-10-28 21.17.40
(Marival standing by the Western Wall.)

2014-10-28 22.25.12

(Apparently Robert is missing his two girls, he began playing patty-cake with statues of antiquity.)

2014-10-28 22.25.14(Our School on Wheels)

2014-10-28 22.25.27(The Pool of Siloam :: Where Jesus sent a blind man to wash and be healed.)

2014-10-28 22.25.49(Western Wall ::  Wailing Wall :: We spent some time praying here on our last day in Jerusalem.)

2014-10-29 04.22.41

(Our last stop, where the Church began. :: The Southern Steps of the Temple where Peter proclaimed the Gospel for the first time and 3,000 people turned to Christ and were baptized.)

2014-10-28 22.26.04
(Old City Jerusalem at night.)2014-10-28 22.26.08

2014-10-28 20.25.56(Special last night dinner in Old City Jerusalem :: Armenian Restaurant.)

We had an amazing and life-transforming journey!  We made new friends. Enjoyed afternoons together as our hearts were moved by the sights, sounds and story of Scripture. Our evenings were filled with the sounds of laughter and sharing about our experiences of the day.We will forever read Scripture with a new understanding and a deeper love for Christ. We all arrived home safe last night and will continue to prayerfully-reflect on the lessons we’ve learned over the past 10-days.

God willing, this will be the first of many such life shaping pilgrimages to the Land of the Bible…

As they say, “See you next year in Jerusalem…”

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