Deposit Policy

All camp rates include a deposit of $100, which is non-refundable and non-transferable. Due to limited availability, spaces will not be held without a deposit.

Registration Dates

If registering before March 1st, 2017, you will receive the early bird registration price of $340, which is a $20 discount. If registering between March 1st and May 29th, 2017, your camp price will be $360. If registering between May 30th and June 26th, 2017, your camp price will be $380, which includes a $20 late fee. You may pay the full amount at the time of registration, or you may pay installments. Regardless of your registration date, your student’s camp balance must be paid in full no later than June 26th. Any camp spots not fully paid by June 28th are subject to reallocation without a refund. Early Bird: $340 closes February 28th, Regular: $360 closes May 29th, Late: $380 closes June 26th

Cancellations and Refunds

Is the $100 deposit ever refundable?

No, the $100 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Can kids pay their balance at the door?

No – final payment is due by June 26th, 2017.

If I need to cancel my child’s reservation, will I get a refund?

Each year, we are forced to turn away campers due to lack of space. No-shows and late cancellations prevent others from sharing the camp experience. Therefore, we have the following cancellation policy: Cancellations must be requested in writing or e-mailed by one of the following ways: E-mail: [email protected] Mail: Palm Valley Church Attn: Summer Camp 2017 1720 E. Griffin Parkway Mission, TX. 78572 Cancellations before June 26th, 2017 will result in a refund of only 50% of the paid camp fee minus the non-refundable, non- transferable deposit. After June 26th, all cancellations will result in forfeiture of the full camp fee unless accompanied by a written physician’s recommendation. If there is a written physician’s recommendation, the cancellation will result in a full refund minus the non-refundable, non-transferable deposit. No-shows for camp will result in a forfeiture of the full camp fee. Refunds will be mailed in the form of either a check within 4 weeks of cancellation or credit to the card charged.

If my child has to come home early, will I get a refund?

In the case of dismissal due to continued behavioral problems or homesickness, camp fees will not be refunded. Camp Tejas and/ or PVC will not be held responsible for travel expenses incurred in picking up the child. The camp director reserves the right to dismiss any camper whose conduct becomes in any way detrimental to the best interest of the other campers. No refunds will be given. In case of illness or inclement weather, we will refund any monies that Camp Tejas refunds. Camp Tejas and/or PVC will not be responsible for travel expenses incurred in picking up the child.

Camp Tejas

Where does camp take place?

We take our students to Camp Tejas in Giddings, TX. For more information on Camp Tejas you can check out their website at www.camptejas.org

What does a day at camp look like?

We tailor our camps to t the needs of the students attending, but each camp will incorporate a worship service(s) a day, Bible study/ small group discussion, high energy rec games with their teams and a chance to take advantage of all that Camp Tejas has to offer such as zip lines, climbing walls, pool, etc.

Room Arrangements

How are campers assigned rooms?

Campers are assigned rooms by grade and gender.

What is the counselor to camper ratio?

We maintain a ratio of at least 1 counselor for every 8-10 students.


Who is on “staff” during camp?

Camp is staffed with our PVC personnel, the Camp Tejas staff, trained leaders, a registered nurse, and 24-hour security. Special precautions are taken during water activities and certified lifeguards are on duty.

Are campers always supervised?

Yes - counselors are present 24 hours a day.

How does PVC choose their counselors?

Each applicant is carefully screened and hand–picked by the Student Ministries Staff. We conduct national background checks as well as a Child Abuse Prevention Training Course and Exam (required by Texas Law for any adult attending a camp).

How are the campers disciplined?

First time – warning. Second time – miss activity. Third time – sent to the Camp Director. Continued disobedience may result in dismissal from camp.

Phone Calls, Mail & Visitors

May I call my child at camp?

We do not encourage calls to students at camp. Cell phones are allowed at camp with restrictions. Please see the “What to Bring” list for full cell phone policy.

Can I reach someone at camp any time of the day or night in case of emergency?

Yes – The emergency number for 6th - 12th grade students is Micah Crump: 956-792-2895. Emergencies Only, please!

What do you do for homesick kids? Do you let them call home?

Yes – homesick campers are allowed to call home. Campers who become homesick and leave their camp session early are not eligible for refunds.

Can campers receive mail or packages during their stay?

No - due to the short duration of our camp stay, we do not encourage snail mail or packages to be sent to campers.

How can I keep up with my camper(s) during their stay?

Watch Summer Camp 2016 unfold with daily photo updates! Log on to www.camptejas.org and click on PHOTOS to see fresh pictures of your student having a blast at Summer Camp. Pictures are uploaded three times daily and are available for you to download for free! Want to make your child’s day super-special? Send your student a custom-made gift pack, including a special message just from you! Log on to www.giftshop.camptejas.org and choose from a variety of t-shirts, hats, and knick-knacks to be delivered to your student during camp once per day during lunch.

Does Camp Tejas allow visitors?

Camp Tejas maintains a 24-hour security staff and restricts access to workers and campers. All visitors need prior approval by the PVC staff and must register with security upon entering Camp Tejas.

Medical Information

Is there a nurse available at all times?

Yes – Registered nurses are on staff 24 hours a day.

Which medications should my child bring to camp?

Over-the-counter medications will be given per package label dosing instructions, unless prescribed by a physician. Prescription medication must be in the prescribed container with a current prescription label on the bottle including the child's name, doctor's name, date, medication name, dosage and time to be given.

Do you give kids pain reliever if needed?

Yes – the nurse at the Nurse’s Station is available to dispense medication as needed.

Does my child have to turn in his medicine even if he knows when to take it and how much?

Yes – Campers are allowed to bring medications, but these must be turned in to the nurse at check-in (this includes inhalers). If your student needs their inhaler with them at all times and it cannot be left with the nurse it must be accompanied by a doctor’s note allowing for the exception.

Are feminine products available at camp?

Yes – the nurse will have a supply of feminine products.

How close is the nearest hospital?

20 minutes


How many times a day do you have services?

We have services twice daily: once in the morning and once in the evening.


What do the kids do if it rains?

Special rain activities such as cabin games and talent shows are hosted in the event of inclement weather.

How many times a day do you have services?

We have services twice daily: once in the morning and once in the evening.

Spending Money

How much money do they need to bring?

Spending money is optional. Most campers spend $25 - $30 for snacks and souvenirs during their camp stay.
Snack Shack Wristbands: Give your child the ability to buy snacks, drinks, and gifts without having to carry cash! Each wristband has 10 $1.00 tabs which can be used to purchase anything at Camp Tejas - even drinks from vending machines. Wristbands will be available for purchase at Camp Tejas.

How many times are kids allowed to go to the General Store?

Campers are allowed to go to the gift shop during their camp session to shop for souvenirs and snacks each full day of camp. Prices are listed on the Camp Tejas website at www.camptejas.org

Do kids keep their own money at camp?

Yes – they will be responsible for their own money at camp. PVC is not responsible for lost or stolen money at camp.

Contact Information

Where do I send my payments and registration forms?

Upon online registration, you will have the choice of paying in full or making payments. Note: Do not make a payment in the offering.

Can I email or call with other questions?

Yes! You can email us at [email protected] (in the subject line please indicate the child’s grade in which you inquiring about) or you can call us at 956-585-3203. For security purposes, information pertaining to a camper will not be released to anyone other than the parent or legal guardian.