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Welcome to PVC Kids!

We love our kids and are so excited for the opportunity to help teach them about our great God!

Each PVC Kids’ classroom is uniquely designed for a specific age group and provides a safe, secure, and engaging environment. Creative, fun activities are implemented to teach God’s great love for each child, and because the lessons are exciting and interesting, children want to come back week after week to learn more! In every age group, the children are taught how to love God, love others, and live according to God’s Word.

PVC Kids wants to help parents and guardians on their journey through parenthood. To you up to date on what is happening in the classrooms, we publish a monthly information guide called The Buzz, which gives a week-by-week overview of what the students are learning. Ideas for fun family devotions are also included. Check out this month’s edition of The Buzz. ⇢

PVC Kids classes are offered during all weekend and Wednesday services.

Questions? – Please contact our Children’s Pastor, Adrienne Blauvelt.

Birth to Pre-K

PVC Kids provides an environment for babies through pre-school where children feel secure, and parents or guardians feel comfortable and confident knowing that their little ones are being loved and cared for.

When children are pre-school age, we teach the concepts and applications that are important for them as they begin to develop a relationship with Christ:

    • 1) Understanding Who Jesus is
    • 2) Understanding the importance of a relationship with God
    • 3) Understanding the importance of prayer
    • 4) Understanding the importance of loving others
    • 5) Memorizing and applying Basic Scripture

Nursery and pre-school classes are offered during all weekend and Wednesday services.

Questions? – Please contact our pre-school department, Christine Montemayor.

Kindergarten-4th Grade

PVC Kids is a fun, engaging environment where kids in Kindergarten-4th grade can come and learn about Christ! Each week we capture kids’ imaginations with age-appropriate Biblical teachings and real-life applications. In these age groups, the emphases are on:

    • 1) Understanding salvation
    • 2) Understanding the significance of water baptism and communion
    • 3) Understanding the importance of worship
    • 4) Learning to navigate the Bible
    • 5) Memorizing and applying Scripture
    • 6) Learning to share one’s faith
    • 7) Learning to honor God in one’s life

Kids engage in captivating lessons where they learn God’s Word through skits, games, and hands-on activities. Settings not only foster strong spiritual growth, but also encourage strong friendships with other students.

Elementary classes are offered during all weekend and Wednesday services.

Questions? – Please contact our elementary department, Adam Juarez.

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