Packing List

Bible (labeled), pen or pencil & notebook
Casual Clothes
Throw away clothes for mud games/other activities
Modest Shorts
One piece bathing suit for girls, swim shorts for guys & girls
Tennis shoes that can get dirty
Water shoes (if desired)
Sleeping bag or blanket & sheets for a twin bed
Towels (at least two) & washcloth
Toiletries - soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.
Hairbrush, hair dryer & comb
Laundry bag for dirty clothes
Bug Spray
Spending Money (optional)
Necessary Medications (must be checked with the nurse)

The camp is staffed with a registered nurse and a fully stocked medical station. All medications MUST be turned in to the nurse’s station the morning of departure and will be returned upon return to PVC at the end of the camp session. Please be sure to adhere to the following guidelines: Over-the-counter medications will be given per package label dosing instructions, unless prescribed by a physician. Prescription medication must be in the prescribed container with a current prescription label on the bottle including the child's name, doctor's name, date, medication name, dosage and time to be given. You can expedite this process by pre-filling the medication form(s) and bringing a printed copy with you to the nurse’s desk on departure morning. All medication will be returned at the end of the camp session.

What Not To Bring

No clothing with vulgar or suggestive slogans. No water guns or water balloons. No firearms, fireworks, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, knives, or weapons of any kind.* No open or expired nonprescription medications. No prank or gag materials. *Campers bringing these items into camp will be immediately sent home.