Welcome to Palm Valley Church!

I believe with all my heart that Palm Valley Church is a place where all people, no matter what their background, can turn to God and be transformed into fully devoted followers of Christ!

If you are new and visiting us for a service or event, I trust you will find God and sense His Holy Spirit working in your life! Our prayer is that He will not leave us the same, but change us forever.

So, I hope you feel at home here…..whatever God sees that we need…if it is to be comforted, loved, accepted, convicted of sin….we invite Him to do the work.

Palm Valley is a multi-campus church with two locations, one in the city of Mission, TX and the other in Edinburg, TX. We believe it is through the local church that believers can worship God and lost people can find hope.

Thank you for visiting this website and Palm Valley Church. Whether it is this church, or another Christ-centered fellowship, my prayer is that you will become an active member of a local church…because the local church is the hope of the world!

May you know Him to make Him known,

Rick Gannon, Lead Pastor


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